Accurate system between your hotel and the competitors you choose

Our state-of-the-art Channel Manager enables hoteliers to direct direct bookings to their sites by offering
promotions management, the smartest reservation panel and easier inventory management in a channel
management system.

It gives multi-channel management to the distribution, to maintain the parity rate in all channels, and helps our hotel
channel manager perform tedious tasks easily and efficiently. It is a Saas-based platform with the ability to manage
multiple extranets, as well as promote your hotel through social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

Rates, inventory and restrictions can be handled on multiple commercial sites and distribute a single interface
through the efficiency of retail.

We give our customers full control of all online inventories, KPI identification to analyze productivity and cost of
distribution for each channel through a smarter reservation panel.

It supports more than 1000 online and offline channels, and provides the broadcasting effect on Facebook and
Twitter for hoteliers; offers access to traditional and modern channels and therefore feed the “billboard effect” for

Our team offers online and on-site training for our clients. We are a global 24/7 support organization available to our
customers in 72 countries around the world.

HS Latam